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            Development history

            In 2004

            • in Sep 15th

              Start the cooperation with FURUKAWA and daylight metal


            • in May 28th

              Alabama copper pipe project was completed and put into operation


            In 2012

            • in Mar 30th

              The Longrui copper pipe project was established


            In 2011

            • in Nov 10th

              The new technology and new process of high corrosion resistance and ultra - long copper alloy tube in our group was demonstrated by Henan province major science and technology projects


            • in Oct 10th

              Our group was awarded the Governor Quality Prize


            • in June 20th

              The project of lithium-ion battery separator with an area of 600,000,000 square meters was found in plain district, Xinxiang City


            • in Mar

              The factory in Alabama, America was under construction


            In 2010

            • in Nov 3rd

              Longhui copper co., LTD was established


            • in Oct 13th

              Our group was awarded the Mayor of Xinxiang Quality Prize


            • in Mar 3rd

              Langtai brazing material co., LTD was established


            In 2009

            • in Oct 28th

              The factory in Mexico was completed and began to put into production


            • in Sep 28th

              GD Group established Suzhou Longyue lithium moving vehicle co., LTD after its acquisition of Daming


            • in Jan 27th

              Henan lithium power source co., Ltd was established



            • Standard Charted Bank and Goldman Sachs have invested GD Group, turning it a sino-foreign joint venture

              Luoyang Jinlong precision aluminum co., Ltd was established

              Xinxiang Longteng non-ferrous metal co., Ltd was established

              Xinxiang Longxiang precision brass Co. Ltd was established

            In 2007

            • Golden Dragon Precise Copper Tube Group Inc technology center was listed as National Enterprise Technology Center by the national Five Ministries

              GD Copper Mexico co., Ltd was established

            In 2006

            • Chongqing Long Yu precision copper tube co., LTD was established

              Longkou Longpeng precision copper tube Co., Ltd was established

            In 2004

            • The establishment of the joint venture—Zhuhai Longfeng precise copper tube co., LTD

              Through NSF/ANS161 certification and UPS certification of the United States

              The national key technological transformation projects were achieved (the seventh batch special fund project of national debt ——The heat transfer enhancement finned copper tube)

              The acquisition of Jiangsu Canghuan copper co., LTD

              Renamed Henan Golden Precise Copper Tube Group Inc

            In 2003

            • Certified by ISO9001, ISO14001 and Japan JIS

              Yuanyang Oriental packaging materials co., LTD was established

              he establishment of a post doctoral research station was affirmed by National personnel department

              The acquisition of Jiangsu Canghuan copper co., LTD

              Henan provincial development and Reform Commission approved the establishment of new energy materials engineering research center of Henan Province

            In 2002

            • After the acquisition of Sichuan Chunancun precision equipment (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., GD Group restructuring it as Wuxi golden dragon Chuancun Precision Copper Pipe Co., Ltd

              The establishment of the joint venture—Xinxiang green new energy material Co. Ltd

            In 2001

            • Key projects of high-tech industrialization in Henan province and the national Torch Plan Project -- the construction and production of non chlorine high clean refrigerator tube production line was put into production

              Accomplishing the national key technological transformation project (the third batch special fund project of national debt - the inner screw pipe and ACR brass)

              Chinese Academy of Sciences approved the establishment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences precision copper pipe engineering research center, and then the Chinese Academy of metal materials research and Development Co., Ltd was established

              Sino-Japan Shanghai Longyang precision composite copper Co Ltd was established

            In 2000

            • Identified as national torch plan key high-tech enterprise

              Restructuring as henan Golden Dragon Precise Copper Tube Group Inc

            In 1999

            • Enterprise technology center was recognized by the Henan province economic and trade commission

              The internal thread copper tube production line—Key projects of new and high technology industrialization of Henan Province and also the national key new product projects was put into operation

            In 1998

            • The acquisition of precision copper pipe factory in Longkou, Shandong

            In 1997

            • Through the ISO9002 quality system certification

            In 1994

            • China's first and also the world's second cast rolling ACR production line——national key project and national key new product plan was completed

            In 1987

            • Introducing an oxygen free copper rod production line from Finland, and thus Xinxiang oxygen free copper factory was established

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